Lecture on the Covenant... This is brief outline.

I. The Covenant.

. J document.. Gen: 12:1-3

JE document (West says J) Gen: 15:1-6

E document Gen 22: 15-19 (Follows great story of faith - SK. Abraham and Isaac.)

P document Gen 17: 1-14

El Shaddai, God of the mountain, God on High, God Almighty. = (Perfect God) error


II. Joseph story.

Sons of Jacob... Gen 35:22b-26.




37:1-4. They hated Joseph. Jacob loved him more. (J)

37:5-11 Joseph’s dream (E)

Gen: 37:12-24 , 29-36 Reuben delivers Joseph... Cast him into this pit...intend to retrieve him later. (E)

37:25 - 28 Judah (J document) What profit it us to slay him, let us sell him.. 37: 25


Gen 38: 1-30 (E)

Side story.. Judah married and has three sons, Lord kills first two...second one guilty of onanism. Masturbation.

Third to marry Tamar.

Judah commits adultery with Tamar, story of signet ring, etc.


Joseph... Lord with him. Tempted by Potiphar’s wife.

Lie with me, Caught him by his garment, set up.

Joseph in prison.

Gets out interprets dream of butler and baker.

His family come for grain.. Keeps Simeon, returns with younger brother, returns with Benjamin, puts cut in sack. Arrested.. Joseph weeps, God sent me here, not you to preserve you as a remnant.


Other stories

Gen: 28:10-17 Jacobs dream

Gen 32:22-32. Jacob (grabby)becomes Israel (wrestler) Ji, J2, RJE, Later P

Basic story... The Garden, Adam and Eve, The fratercide Cain and Abel, The flood, The Tower of Babel.

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Adam and Lot

Gen: 13:8-18 Separation Lot to City

Lot captured,

Lot rescued.

Beginning of tithe.

Melchizedek Gen 14:18

Gen: 18::1-22. Men go to Sarah and then to Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham negotiates with God.. (J)

19:1 Angels come to Lot , Men of city demand ...bring them out to us that we may know them, ... Do not act wickedly... I have two daughter who have not known men...

Angels struck men with blindness.

(Evil::: Sodomy or homosexuality, or failure to show hospitality to guests. ???)

Lot’s wife becomes pillar of salt... Similar story with different meaning in worship of Ashtoreth.


Curse of Noah ... Gen: 9:20-29 Issue involving American slavery