Read Exodus 3:1-6, 13-15, 4: 1-3, 10 The expression , "ehyeh 'asher 'ehyeh" is according to Will Herberg quoting Martin Buber best translated by the expressions: I aming what I aming, Buber - “I am doing what I am doing.”

I. From last exam

A. Gen 31: 43-45, 48-50 “the Lord watch between you and me while we are absent one from the other.

B. Gen 38:1-11, Summarize the Judah - Tamar story 12-26.

II. The Habiru in Egypt.

A. Hyksos , pp 114 - 115 1720 bce.. Entered Egypt, Ruled from 1650 to 1550 bce

B. Habiru - p. 115

III. Akhenaton 1370 - 1353 (1375-1358)

Rejects Amon, promotes Aton, the Sun, solar monotheism.

Hymn of Aton, similar to Psalm 104.

IV. Subsequent dynasties pp. 147- 152.

1290 - 1250 bce. Reign of Rameses II

V. Monotheism A

A. J document

B) Akhenaton (Ikhnaton) Hartshorne and Reese hand-out

C) Kenite Hypothesis - The tribal God of the clan of Kenites headed by Moses’s father-in-law Jethro. Pp. 158 - 159

VI. The Plagues 163

VII The Passover 164

VIII. The Sea of Reeds.

IX. The Ten Commandments, The Holiness Code, Etc.