Lecture - Religious Studies 211

Moses , giver of law.

Identify God... Yahweh... I am what I AM, I aiming what I aiming. I am doing what I am doing. Note: Concept of perfection... Pp. 157, E document.. ‘Ehyeh ‘asher ‘ehyeh.. “ Connection between Yahweh and the Hebrew verb “ hayah” ‘Ehyeh is first person singular. Exodus 3:13 , Exodus 4:10, Exodus 6:2,

Source of law


Hyksos pharaohs

Father-in-law=- <Midianites, Jethro theory


Nature of law.

10 Commandments.

Differences between Joseph’s order, Augustine’s order, Judaic order, Division of tablets.

Pp. 181

Pre-mosaic law.

Differences , code of Hammurabi

Equality before the law. Ruler not exception, and not the giver of the law.

No caste system

Violations against people more significant than violations against property.

Definition of murder.

Definition of adultery

Married woman & married man, not married to each other

Married woman and single man

are both adultery

However married man and single woman

and, single man and single woman are not adultery. This is fornication or apostasy. Apostasy if you are dealing with a temple prostitute.



Sea of reeds vs. Red Sea

Number in captivity.

Policy on attack Joshua, Conquest, Immigration or revolt, pp. 203

Practice of herem, 4:21- Joshua. Chapter 10 Read ...Sun stand still

Joshua 4:6 (what mean these stones.)