The Sea of Reeds , p. 165

Map , p. 166

Law codes.


No caste system

Rules for crimes against persons harsher than crimes against property.



Keep the Sabbath holy

Holiness code.

Read a few

Exodus 21 1-18

The Golden Calf

Exodus 32:26


Purification of women

Lev. 12

Lev. 15:19 Women menstruation

Love your neighbor as yourself

Lev. 19 17 (Read)

Sabbath Years and years of the Jubilee

Lev. 25: 3-4

Lev. 25:8-10

Numbers 6

Vow of the Nazirite

Numbers 6


Numbers 6:22

The Lord Bless you and keep you, etc.

Sending out spies to Canaan

Numbers 13

Moses sends out Joshua,

Report of the spies other than Joshua Numbers 13:32

Joshua reports Numbers 14:6-8

Lord abounding in steadfast love. Numbers 14:18

Who had no parents. Joshua who is the son of Nun. Numbers 13 16

40 additional years on the wilderness. Numbers 14:20,29-33

Korah’s Rebellion Numbers 15,16

Mount Sinai (Horeb)

Entry into Transjordan

Map on page 201

Conquest, Immigration or revolt pp. 203

Story of Balaam

Numbers 22