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RELS 211/HUMA 211: Hebrew Scripture

Course Description

  • Through reading knowledge of the Old Testament will be the goal of the course. Students will be graded on their ability to express their knowledge of the content of the Old Testament. To enhance understanding various interpretations will be considered ranging from literal to liberal. Students will not be required to accept any particular historical, religious, scientific, literary, or philosophical conception of the nature of Biblical literature or religion in general. Students will be expected to be aware of interpretations in current usage in academic and religious communities.
  • Particular attention will be given to philosophical concepts and presuppositions of various books of the Old Testament. Such questions as: What is man?; How do we know if God exists?; What constitutes religious knowledge?; What is the good life?; Is an action good because God wills it, or does God will an action because it is good?; What is the basis of ethics?; and how can a good (loving), all powerful God be reconciled with the fact of the existence of evil?; constitute the traditional and fruitful field of a philosophical study of religious literature.
  • Philosophical concepts of the Old Testament as they relate to the development of religion and ethical ideas. (No prerequisite)

Class Handouts



Final Exam Time

  • Friday December 5th, 2008
  • 3PM - 5PM