March 19th 2005


Ashura, (Ashur, Asura)

 Commemoration of the martyrdom of Husain, (Hussain) (al-Husayn) Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, in AH 61 (680 CE) . Shia Muslims celebrate, calling the festival Muharram, for ten days from the first of Muharram, Ashura is also associated with the safe landing of Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat.


SHIA (SHIITES) (A Denomination, called a sect in the West, In Iran a Church)

People of the House,

(Principal of “nass” designation of next imam by present imam beginning with Ali)

I. Imams (Caliphs)

1. Ali ibn-abi-Talib (d. 661)


2. al-Hasan (d. 669)

“Paid off by Mu’awiya”


3. al-Husayn (d. 680)


  The death of al-Husayn and his son in the night battle of Karbala.

Ten days of lamentation..

Thisn closes with a passion play dedicated to the suffering and death of the son and grandson of Ali.

The assault which causes the death of Husayn’s son by a flying arrow, the slaying of a nephew by mutilation by the sword, Husayn own death and mutilation under the hooves of horses, is dramatically reenacted.

Angels, prophets and kings appear,

Items stressed are the

1. pre-existence of Muhammad, who designates Ali as his successor before he goes back into Heaven.

The divine powers of Ali.

The savior role of Husayn who atone for the sins of human kind by his death. .

Read the poem on page 589.