FROM... C. Eric Lincoln, The Black Muslims in America, Boston: The Beacon Press, 1961 and David S. Noss A History of the World’s Religions, 10th ed.and other sources.



      The Lost-Found Nation of Islam was established in Detroit in 1930 by W. D. FARD (MASTER WALI FARRAD MUHAMMAD)He was called , “ALLAH INCARNATE.”

            His successor was ELIJAH POOLE ( ELIJAH MUHAMMAD), He was called the “MESSENGER OF ALLAH,” ELIJAH establishes a headquarter temple in 1933, later called a mosque in Chicago.


           FARD “disappeared in 1934.” Followers believe that he is immortal and did not die but became a hidden Mahdi.

Dec. 1960 ...69 temples or missions in 27 state

            The teaching is the original man is the black man. The American Negro is the blood descendant of the Original Man.

            Descendant of the Asian Black Nation and the tribe of Shabazz which came to earth when the great explosion divided the earth and the moon sixty-six trillion years ago. The tribe of Shabazz was first to explore the planet and discover the choicest places in which to live, including the Nile Valley and the area which was to become the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia. All so-called Negroes are Muslims, whether they know it or not., Christ was a Muslim prophet. Negroes are good people and religious by nature. “The Black man by nature is divine.”.. The white man is the devil by nature and intrinsically evil.... “Out of the weak of the Black Nation the Caucasian race was created.

   The white race was created by Yakub (Jacob) an evil scientist who was in rebellion against Allah. The black man has two germs in him, one is black, the other is brown. The brown is weaker than the black. The brown can be grafted into its last stage and that is white.. 6, 645 years ago a scientist Yakub discovered this, and after grafting for 600 years produced the white race. The experiment in human hybridization was a brilliant success , but it had one unfortunate side effect, the creation of the white race. In the final battle of Armageddon the white devils will be destroyed.

      Elijah taught his followers to stay out of politics, carry no weapons, initiate no aggression against the white devils, but respond in kind if a black person is attacked. “Take an eye for an eye.” .Work hard, save your money. Drink no alcohol. Use no drugs. He supported segregation because whites needed to be kept in their place and blacks should not intermarry with whites and lower their racial purity. He wanted the United States to turn over several states to the blacks for a separate nation as a matter of reparations..

            He created a group of young men, trained in karate, The Fruit of Islam. Later they armed themselves. He also advocated a girl counterpart, the MGT (Muslim Girl Training.) ELIJAH MUHAMMAD died in 1975.

            His disciple was MALCOLM LITTLE, ( MALCOLM X ) or (MALIK SHABAZZ).

He attracted many blacks in the 1960ties. He taught “black is beautiful” Original a criminal and later a brilliant leader and speaker he called for moral purity of blacks. Late in his career, he adopted a more orthodox Islam and argued for a nonracist world brotherhood. He was assassinated in 1965.

            In 1975 WALLACE, ( WARITH) became the leader of the “Black Muslims,” as they were now generally called. He moved the program toward Sunni orthodoxy. Racial restrictions were relaxed as was the claim of black superiority and white moral depravity. Dress restrictions were relaxed. Diet became less strict. People were told to enter politics. The Fruit of Islam and the MGT was dismantled.

    Their name changed in 1976 from the NATION OF ISLAM to WORLD COMMUNITY OF ISLAM.” In 1980 the name changed to BILALIANS.

            These moves attracted middle class and upper class African Americans, but alienated poor and urban blacks. In 1980 there were more than 150 mosques and a membership of over 125,000.

            In 1955, a Bermuda born calypso singer , LOUIS EUGENE WOLCOTT joined the Nation of Islam, He became LOUIS X, and later MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN . He became e the head of the Harlem mosque from 1965 to 1975. In 1977 he organized his own sect. In 1978 he challenged WALLACE He called for a return to the purity of the teachings of ELIJAH MUHAMMAD. He reorganize the FRUIT OF ISLAM. They armed themselves with military style weapons, obtained licenses in some case. They served as body guard for Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign. They started many self-help neighborhood programs including rehabilitation for prisoners, a prison ministry, rehabilitation for drug users, job training, They established their own bakeries, markets, bookstores, and other businesses.

            FARRAKHAN himself, became involved in politics, called for the “million man march on Washington. He also gave many anti Semitic speeches, revived the claim that white men and women were genetically inferior morally, physically, mentally and spiritually. His leader in the Southwest , .was the guest speaker at Texas A & M on February 5, 2001.