Counter Reformation - Catholic Reformation

I Loyola (1491-1556)

 (Given yesterday)

            1. Give thanks

            2. Ask for light

            3. Look at yourself

            4. Be sorry

            5. Do something

II Three years before Trent.. 1542. Pope Paul III reorganized the Inquisition

III. Reform of the Clergy in Spain by Archbishop then Cardinal Ximenes, Archbishop of Toledo and Confessor of Queen Isabella, n He was a Franciscan monk devoted to charity and meditation. Queen Isabella wanted a confessor. . She confessed so often he couldn’t return to Fiery, He advised the Queen. He became the chancellor of the State/. He still never wore shoes. When order to improve his garb, he work hair skin under his clothing. Purify the monasteries, First to publish whole Bible in Hebrew and Greek, Complutensian Polyglot, Several in America. Much artwork. Set up universities to train clergy. Appoint Inquisitors, Reunite church and state. Revitalization of Spanish church. Persecute the Jews.

IV. Council of Trent pp. 555

History.. Charles V got Pope Paul III to call Council of Tent in 1545. Charles wanted genuine reforms and to reunite the church and the empire. He wanted protestant participation. But he also planned military attacks against recalcitrant Germans. Germans didn’t come. Victories weren’t won. A few Protestants came, but not leaders.

            Council 1545-1563)

1. Catholic tradition is co-equal with scripture as a source of truth and in authority over the Christian life.

2. The Latin Vulgate is the sacred cannon

3. The Catholic Church has the sole right of scriptural interpretation

4. The sacraments are the seven recognized by the medieval Church, not just the two of the Protestants.

5. Justification rest of faith, but not on faith alone. But also on works. However, works proceeds from grace and grace comes from works.

            6. Regulations of indulgences.

            7. Regulations of the veneration of saints.

            8. Limit the number of Holy Days (Darn Calvinists)

9. Bishop and priests in large towns must give public expositions of the scriptures. They must also preach all that is necessary for salvation.

            10. Pope to prepare an index of prohibited books.