Poll ... Interview with 9,924 Muslims .

53% unfavorable view of United States.

67 % Attack on twin towers morally unjustified

However. 61% did not believe Arabs or Muslims carried out the attack.

77% believed the U.S. attack on Afghanistan was unjustified.

            Why don’t they like us?

I. Palestine

II. Our cultural influence on the world. Osama benLaden. The late Ayatollah Khomeini, Note similarity to Robertson Falwell and differences. (Victoria’s Secrets)

III. Poverty, but particularly the success of American advertising.


Comparison of Christianity and Islam

I. Jesus and Muhammad

    A. Mohammedanism is incorrect and an insult.

          Yet Christianity is correct.

            B. Muhammad is a prophet.

            C. Jesus the Christ is considered to be God (the doctrine of the trinity)

II. What does Islam say about Jesus

           A. Jesus is a prophet.

            B. Jesus is the Jewish Messiah

            C. Ascension but not death and resurrection accepted.

            D Born of a virgin.

            E. Jesus speaks at birth. “I am a servant of Allah.” “It does not befit God (Allah) to take upon himself a son.”

            F Argument from scripture. “My God, my God why hast Thou forsaken me.” “Not one knows the time of the end except the Father. Why do you call me good. No one is good except the father

           G. Peter’s confession. “Thou art the Christ the son of the living God..” “And thou art Peter, the rock, and upon this rock I will build my church.” ... not accept or note Trueblood’s c comment.

           H. Son of man passages.


III. Islam and Israel. Who received the covenant and Palestine?

            Father Abraham

Ishmael (Hager) vs. Isaac (Sarah)

            Esau vs. Jacob