(Divine Individuals) (Gods*) of Jainism

I. *Technically there are no gods. The religion is a form of atheism. There is no Brahman. The world is not divided between Brahman and maya. The world is made up of jiva and ajiva. Jiva is alive. Ajiva is dead.

II. However there are “ford finders” who are honored for they have found the way to free their jiva from ajiva, and also following their life plans will allow individuals to accomplish the same release from matter, or at least to gain a much better incarnation. From the stand point of psychology, they are worshiped by many. From the standpoint of theology, they are honored.

TIRTHANKARAS (tert -han’ kur -ruz) (Noss & Noss df. = Savior Beings) (Bradley df. = Ford Finders )

  1. *Rishabha - (bull) Two shrines, one at Mt. Satrunjaya, one at Mt. Abu

  2. *Ajita (elephant)

  3. *Sambhava (horse)

  4. Abhinandana (ape)

  5. Sumati (heron)

  6. Padmaprabha ( red lotus)

  7. *Suparsva (swastika)

  8. Candraprabha (moon)

  9. Suvidhi (dolphin)

  10. Sitala (srivatsa -sign on the breast)

  11. Sreyamasa (rhinoceros)

  12. Vasupujya (buffalo - water buffalo, not bison)

  13. Vimala (hog)

  14. Ananta (hawk)

  15. *Dharma (thunderbolt)

  16. Santi (antelope)

  17. Kunthu (goat)

  18. Ara (nandyavarta - diagram)

  19. Malli (jar)

  20. *Suvarata (tortoise)

  21. *Nami or Nemi (blue lotus) He has a great temple upon a cliff under Mt. Girnar

  22. *Aristanemi (conch shell)

  23. *Parsva or Parshva (serpent) (c. 750 b.c.e.) He has a great temple on Mt. Parasnath

  24. *Mahavira (lion) ( c. 599 - 527 b.c.e.) or (c. 540 b.c.e. birth)

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