Five K’s


Kesh - hair which is never cut

Kach - trousers (pantaloons)

Kirpan (digger)

Kartha ( iron bracelet)

Kanga - comb



Eclectic combination of Hinduism and Islam (Older view) .. Denied by Sikhs.


Pre-First Guru

I. Ramananda c. 1400 ce

Vishnuite, disciple of Ramanuja.,. Founded an order to worship Rama and Sita, Admitted all castes. Developed leaders including a Brahmin, a Muslim, a Jat, a Shudra, a woman and an outcaste (Harijan).

II. Disciple - Kabir 1440-1518

Hindu mother and Muslim father

Worshiped SAT Nam

God is one there is no other.


Guru One

Nanak 1469-1538 c.e. - 1539 c.e.

Hindu born into Kshatriya class in the Punjab village of Talwandi, near Lahore.

Quiet often sick small boy

Married and had two sons. Left home, renounced family. At age 36had mystical experience, visited heaven, drank sacred nectar (Sikh communion).,. Given information. The God was Brahma.

New doctrine: “There is no Hindu and no Muslim.”

Traveled with Muslim musician ..Mardana.

Attracted many followers in the Punjab, Bengal and Ceylon, Mecca and the Kaba.

Tell stories of Nanak with worshipers of Kali (Thags) and the development of the





God is Sat Nam (True Name) or Hari (Lord) or (Guru) [Term “Hari” is used in Hinduism for Vishnu and his avatars, i.e. Hari Krishna]

God has no incarnations (avatars) and can not and may no be represented by images. [Islam]

God is all powerful [Islam]

God has made the rich and poor equal All men (and woman ?) are created equal.



Man is reborn because of past karma [Hinduism]

Human nature is essentially part of Sat Nam [Hinduism]

Humans have the absolute duty to obey Sat Nam [Islam]

Kismet (predestination} [ A human’s destiny is determined by God., [ Islam]

Sin { Disobedience of God } is the cause of human misery. We are sinners. Act of sensuality emphasized. Later Gurus emphasized acts of will. [Islam]

Salvation ..

Obedience to the will of God leads to salvation. Doctrine of good works. [Islam] However, God may act with grace to save those who respond to him in faith [Hinduism - Bhakti]

Humans must also have love for God and other humans [ Hindu “bhakti marga yoga] Obey your guru to find God’s will. [ Islam and Hinduism] Repeat the divine name as a mantra [ Hinduism]


You may eat meat (Debatable)

Oppose asceticism and removing self from world Be involved in politics and worldly affairs.

Exercise and train.. Good health. [Islam]

No tobacco [Islam]

No alcohol [ Islam]

Brotherhood/sisterhood all humankind -> pacifism, Later to -> militarism


Rebirth for the unworthy [Hinduism]

Reunion with God in the ultimate goal. [Hinduism] The reunion is a merger with God [Hinduism] Some Sikhs today have more of a reunion in a heaven [ Islam]