Rels/Huma 304

TAOISM - (Corrupt) (Developed) (Late)

Areas of Change

I. Gods
            Lao Tzu - Deified by imperial decree in 165 ce
            Three Pure Ones
                        1. Jade Emperor - Resides on Jade Mountain
                        2. Tao Chun or Ling Pao T'ien Tsun - Lives in Middle Heaven and manipulates
                                    the yin and the yang.  Honorable Tao, Heaven's Mystic Jewel
                        3. Lao Tzu - Lives in Lower Heaven expounding doctrine (law)

Eighty-one levels of heavens and hells were developed

EIGHT IMMORTALS (1279 - 1368 C.E.)

  1. Chung-li Ch'uan - symbol is the fan.  He found the formula for transmuting metals and thus achieved immortality

  2. L Yen - symbol is the sword.  He became immortal through scholarly and ascetic practices.

  3. Chang Kuo - A magician who rides a donkey that he can fold up like a piece of paper. (Origami)

  4. Lan Ts'ai Ho - A woman who entertained the other immortals by playing her flute.

  5. Han Hsiang - symbol is a basket of peaches symbolizing immortality.

  6. Ts'ao Kuo-chiu - symbol is castanets

  7. Ho Hsien Ku - symbol is the lotus blossom.  A shopkeeper's daughter who became immortal by living on powered mother-of-pearl and moonbeams.  She appears to men floating on clouds.

  8. Li T'ieh-kuai - A beggar with an iron staff.

God of the Hearth - Tsao Shen

Guardians of the Door

City God - Chen Huang

+ Nature Gods, Dragons, Unicorns, Etc.


II. Sex

III. Geomancy

Feng shui wind/water

    Location of Graves

    Location of homes

    Transmutation of metals

Positive and Negative interpretations of each